Top 10 NDIS Rookie Questions, answered!

Oct 20

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  1. What’s the difference between a Plan Manager, Planner, Support Coordinator and LAC?No automatic alt text available.

Local Area Co-ordinator (LAC): Someone who works for a company contracted/partnered by the NDIS to a) help collect info to put together an individual plan for the participant which will be submitted to the NDIS for approval b) help you (participant) implement your plan/find providers etc and c) works with your local community to help… (FREE)

  1. Should I choose Self, Plan or Agency managed?

There are several ways you can deal with the money side of things with the NDIS, and if the way you have chosen isn’t working for you, or you need more support, you can… (FREE)


Check out this super neat table we drew up. I’m kinda proud of it, because we get loads of questions about this, and wanted a way to show the basic info in a way that actually compares the options side by side. You can download…  (PAID SUBSCRIBER ONLY)

  1. I got my letter saying I’m eligible – how long until my planning meeting? AND I’ve had my planning meeting – how long ‘til I get my plan?

How long is a piece of string? Sorry. Wish I had a better answer for you. Some people are waiting 18 months for their first planning meeting after they’ve been approved.

Waiting for your Plan after your planning meeting with the NDIS or an LAC can take one day, or up to four months or even more. A 6-12 week wait is not unusual, I’m afraid.

  1. I’ve got my plan in the mail, what now?

When I first get my NDIS plan in the mail, what do I *need* to check to make sure it’s ok? First, check that your name is spelled correctly, take note of the dates and how long the plan lasts for, and that your NDIS goals are accurate… (PAID SUBSCRIBER ONLY)


  1. My mobility Allowance from Centrelink stopped, but I haven’t got an NDIS plan yet. What does that mean?

It probably/usually means that your NDIS plan has been approved, but no-one has called you yet, and you haven’t yet received a copy in the mail. If you have already got yourself access to the NDIS MyPlace portal, login and you might just be surprised to find a plan. The paper plan usually comes a week or two later in the post. Usually.

  1. How to choose a Plan Manager

How to choose a Plan Manager? (a handy list of questions are further down the post).  Word of mouth is a great place to start – ask around. You can find a list of registered Plan Managers at… (PAID SUBSCRIBER ONLY)

  1. There’s stuff missing from my plan – who do I talk to?

If your plan is missing needed transport, or the equipment you need to get quotes for, or funds i to maintain your existing equipment or even SLES funding for some school leavers, they may be able to  be fixed without the wait for a full review – ask for a “soft/light touch review” as soon as you can if they’ve made clear errors or omissions. Call your LAC or the NDIS directly, and follow up with an email request if you’re able.

  1. Who can help me understand my plan?

It can be quite overwhelming when you get your first NDIS Plan. You are not alone! NDIS Plans use words that are unfamiliar, and sometimes don’t make much sense, and many people have no idea what their Plan means, what they can purchase with their funds… (FREE)

  1. How do I use my Core funds?

Core funds are meant to be used for the sorts of help and stuff you use everyday. Everyone will use their Core funds in different ways. The money in your “core” fund “buckets” is flexible, and you can mix up how much you use from these categories below, except… (PAID SUBSCRIBER ONLY)

  1. My providers are asking for a copy of my plan. Should I give it to them?

Do I *have* to give a copy of my plan to a provider? Simply. Generally. No. But, if your plan is Agency Managed, your provider will NEED your NDIS number and plan dates, as well as a copy of your GOALS, because they are obliged to report against those goals to the NDIS. Do…  (PAID SUBSCRIBER ONLY)


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