Mastering Self Management Workshops

I went to the Self Management Superstars Workshop and found it very informative. There was a lot of basic information I did not know after being with NDIS for more than three years. I would highly recommend it.

Dec 2017

Should have done it sooner!

Dec 2017

Helpful to meet with other parents and bounce ideas/share stories face to face. I used to love MyTime for that reason but “grew out of” and moved on from that.

​Nov 2017

Best things I learned were you can claim for bookkeeping program on your funding for self management, and what low risk, low cost assistive technology looks like.

​Nov 2017

​NDIS Nuts & Bolts Presentations

​Hi Sam. Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent presentation last week. We received great feedback on the day, and the tone and content really suited the audience’s needs. Your adaptation to an Aboriginal audience was done well.

Wendy Dec 2017

​​​​Thanks Sam and lots of positive feedback about your presentation...e.g. the best information about NDIS, easy to listen to and your visuals well received and loved your personality too. The fact that you have lived experiences with this system was also noted. Great to listen too from me as well. I highly recommend you. Have a great day...love your postings too.

Vicki Dec 2017

​​Engaging, so informative and so easy to understand!

​Nov 2017

This info would have saved so many sleepless nights if I had it twelve month ago.

​Aug 2017

Kept me interested through the whole time – easily expressed and understood.

​July 2017

I’ve been to four NDIS info sessions by the NDIS, Feros and two providers. Your Nuts & Bolts session was so down to earth, hands-on, and informative, I shouldn’t have bothered with *any* of the others. Your session was brilliant and it filled me with hope for what has had me super anxious for the past year. Thank you.

​​Oct 2017

Well paced. Right level. Good Flow.

​Sep 2017

Support Co-ordination and Pre-Planning Services

Sam is dedicated and professional, with a wealth of knowledge. Growing Space is a genuine organisation with heart and soul..

​​​Leeann Nov 2017

​​​You know they are fantastic when they help me 10x better from out of state than any local companies can. I don’t regret signing up for one second, only that I didn’t do it earlier.
Everyone else who thinks it’s too hard: IT’S NOT HARD WHEN PEOPLE CARE ABOUT YOU, and they do here. Thanks Monika

Tabi Dec 2017

​I can finally trust that the support co-ordination is just happening, and stay out of my adult daughter’s business. Thank you!!

​​​Naomi Dec 2017

​​​Sam is extremely knowledgeable & kind. She has a passion to help others and she just 'gets it'. She is very professional.

​​Mandy Dec 2017

​Sam helped me access the supports I needed to assist with my twin sons high school transition. We are now perfectly set up for a successful year next year. Sam is so knowledgeable & I am so grateful for her advice!

​​​Alison Nov 2017