New online girlfriend or boyfriend? Could be! But also… might not be!

Jun 19

1️⃣🌐 Be Careful: Always be careful when talking to people you don’t know in real life online. #OnlineSafety

2️⃣🔒 Privacy First: Never share your personal information like your address, phone number, or bank details. #Privacy

3️⃣💬 Check: If someone you met online starts to ask for your personal details, it’s okay to stop 🛑 talking to them. #RedFlags

4️⃣🤔 Question: If someone you meet online says they love you quickly 💘, be careful. Real relationships take time. #RushWarning

5️⃣📸 Photos: Be careful of people who only have one or two photos. They might not be who they say they are. #PhotoCheck

6️⃣🕵️‍♀️ Investigate: Use the internet to search their name or pictures to see if they are real. #FactCheck

7️⃣💸 No Money: Never send money to someone you met online, even if they say they really need it. #NoMoneySending

8️⃣📞 Video Call: If you’re getting close to someone online, ask to video call. If they always say no, they might be hiding something. #VideoCall

9️⃣🗣️ Talk: Tell a trusted friend, family member, or support worker about your new friend. They can help you see if something isn’t right. #OpenCommunication

🔟👮‍♀️ Report: If you think you’re being tricked, tell someone you trust. They can help you report it to the right people. #reportcatfishing

pic desc: a picture of a robber giving flowers to a person through the computer screen