General Information about the NDIS

Getting ready to sort through the NDIS maze can be a little nerve-wracking. It doesn’t need to be, and if you prepare well, you should receive a funded package that meets your needs.

  • Check out our Top Ten NDIS Pre-Planning Tips in our online Library. It available without logging in or subscribing.
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  • Join our NDIS Resource Library where you will find an overflowing bucket of information, tips, QandA’s, guides, worksheets and all sorts of great resources about the NDIS and how to make the most of it, along with lots of general resources around disability too. If you have an NDIS Plan and are Self or Plan Managed, you can claim this expense from your NDIS Plan. There’s also plenty of free resources too! Members get first dibs on our events too (and they’re nearly always sell-outs)

NDIS Support Co-ordination and NDIS Specialist Support Co-ordination

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  • The Growing Space are Registered NDIS Providers, and we provide Support Co-ordination and Specialist Support Co-ordination services for participants with a funded Support Co-ordination line, or for anyone who is Self Managed through their Core Supports or a range of other budget lines (ask how we can do this). We have coordinators working in South Australia, Victoria, Northern Territory and Queensland, and across the rest of the country remotely.
  • We feel the way to know if we’ve succeeded, is when we’ve done ourselves out of a job and you don’t need us much anymore.
  • We can help you understand your plan, your plan management style, prepare for your annual review, refer you to supports and services – disability specific and mainstream supports.
    We can help you negotiate prices and service agreements, as well as help out if you have a complaint or an issue to resolve.
  • We love helping people with disability and those who love them see beyond Day Options, ADE's (sheltered employment) and Group Homes, and to look at regular jobs, creating businesses, and living the way you really want to live.
  • If you are in an especially tricky or complex situation, and are funded for help from a Specialist Support Co-ordinator, we are also able to help participants for this more intensive work with one of our highly skilled and experienced specialists..
  • If you would like to make an appointment. please send us an email with information about your situation and what support you are seeking to info@TheGrowingSpace.com.au or fill in our form here!
Workshops – NDIS Self Management Superstars
  • Our NDIS  workshops are a way to learn how to make the most of your NDIS plan, how to use your NDIS plan, and how to make the most of self management, as well as a chance connect with other people with NDIS Self or Plan managed plans. We often find that the best way to get great information and ideas is by speaking with others in the same boat.
  • We also give you an update on “What’s New” with the NDIS (it seems to change every few minutes!) and have plenty of opportunities for your Q&A’s in this small group.
  • Our workshops are often sell-outs with great feedback – a great opportunity to meet and share with other participants and to learn the latest news and possibilities of funding use under the NDIS.
  • To book an upcoming workshop (claimable for most Self Managers and participants whose plan is Plan Managed only) click here.

Advocacy for Education

  • Sometimes, school just doesn’t go as well as you’d like. Multiple take-homes, suspensions, school staff have trouble following your behaviour support plan, or schools don’t communicate the way you’d like.
  • Or, maybe you’d just like some help finding a good school for your child with disability? We can help.
  • The Growing Space have extensive experience helping families find, manage and communicate with schools. We love being part of a team that gets a student enjoying school, especially in an inclusive environment.
  • Often our assistance can be paid for with NDIS fund, but sometimes it is not an appropriate use of NDIS funds – every situation is unique, so let us know if you would like some help.
  • We also recommend you contact the Free federally funded Advocacy agencies for their support, as we are not government funded and if your NDIS funds can’t be used, our fees will need to be paid out of pocket. You can find the free advocacy agencies at : https://disabilityadvocacyfinder.dss.gov.au/disability/ndap/
  • If you would like to make an appointment. please send us an email with information about your situation and what support you are seeking to info@TheGrowingSpace.com.au