Joining a club!

Aug 25

Here is a list of handy phrases for community organisations and sports clubs to use when a disabled person or a family with a child with disability comes to enrol in your program/scouts/ballet class/choir/soccer club/karate club etc.

– Welcome. We’re looking forward to having you in our group!
– I haven’t had a child here with xxx before so I need to learn more – let’s figure it out how to make this work together. 
– Let’s give this a go and see how we can make it work.
– What do I need to know to make this a success for you/your kid?
– What is your advice on how we can make this work?
– How can we really include you/your child in our club/class? Are there things we can change to make an easier transition?
– We will find a way
– What is the best way to communicate with you/your child?
– We are learning how to be better at inclusion
– Hi! I’m glad you’re here!

No photo description available.

–pic desc: Four circles filled with coloured dots representing people. 
The first circle, labelled “Inclusion” show all the different coloured dots mixed up inside the circle.
The second, labelled exclusion has all the green dots inside the circle, while the fewer red, yellow and blue dots are outside the circle.
The third, labelled Segregation, has a big circle filled with green dots and next to it is a smaller circle filled with red, yellow and blue dots.
The last circle is labelled Integration, where a small circle filled with red, blue and yellow dots is inside of a larger circle filled with green dots.