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April 10, 2019 - 6:30 pm- 9:00 pm



Do you have a Self (or Plan) Managed NDIS Plan and want to know more about how to make the most of it?

Come along to an evening or morning of sharing ideas, big thinking, innovative thinking, and answering questions about Self Management with a small group (strictly limited numbers).

Led by Support Coordinator and Advocate Sam Paior from The Growing Space, you will get a chance to get some answers to those sticky questions, and learn how you might figure out what is “Reasonable and Necessary” and how it applies, and what those categories and budget lines really mean, as well as some innovative ideas to help meet your goals.

If coming to this workshop will help you or someone you love with a plan meet their NDIS goals, then you should be able to claim it from your Core or Capacity building or Support Coordination Self Managed funds.

We will share some awesome handouts with NDIS resources on Self Management, give you an update on how to prepare for reviews, and give you a few shortcuts on making claims easier and quicker along the way.

We’ll help you think a little outside the box on ways to meet your goals in the community, too – not just with funded NDIS supports.

Come along prepared to share parts of your plan (not the dollar numbers, unless you want), and you really MUST bring along a copy to make the most of the session. This session is ONLY for people who already have an NDIS plan. If your plan is Plan Managed, you will likely find this valuable too, as most of the flexibilities of Self Management are open to you too!

TITLE: Mastering NDIS Self Management Workshop

WHO: NDIS Participants and Nominees with a Self or Plan Managed NDIS Plan (also suitable for those close to review time and considering changing to Self Management)


DATES: Wednesday 10th April 2019   6:30-9pm

WHERE:Room 901-102 at Charles Sturt University, Tony McGrane Way, Dubbo

TICKETS: Each ticket is for one attendee participant or nominee $127.0o. Payment must be made at time of booking via credit or debit card through Stripe. Unpaid bookings are unable to be held.

MUST BRING: A copy of yours or your participant’s NDIS plan, and if you’re tech savvy, have your phone or 4G tablet set up with access to the NDIS MyPlace portal (not at all compulsory). Also bring a list of your burning questions!

CAN I CLAIM THIS ON NDIS? If your plan is Self Managed, you should be able to claim this session from your Core or Capacity Building Supports, or from your Support Coordination budget (if that budget line is Self or Plan Managed – you’ll need to check carefully).  If your plan is Plan managed, you have a good plan manager, and you’re interested in Self Managing, this should also be able to be claimed from your plan – check with your Plan Manager.


What did attendees say about this course in December 2018? (all feedback is included, unedited)

“Awesome, down to earth and straight to the point. Thanks!”

“Wonderful and informative day. Thank you”

“Fantastic! Broadened the way I think. Information around legalities and Acts I was unaware of.”

“Awesome!! So much depth of practical info!”

“Absolutely brilliant. Great resources and fab info. Everyone who Self Manages should do this course.”


“Great presentation and information. Thank you”

“Great info. Thank you :)”

“Awesome. Thank you!”

“Good clear handouts”

“Honest, clear and very insightful presenter”

“Fantastic, loads of great information and handouts”

“Great Information, easy to understand. I just wish it went for longer.”




Sorry, Bookings have closed for this event.