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Oct 25 2017

What can and can’t I do with each of the ways to manage the money for my NDIS plan?

Self Management Plan Management Agency Management (updated September 2023)

What does what?

Answer: Check out this super neat table we drew up. I’m kinda proud of it, because we get loads of questions about this, and wanted a way to show the basic info in a way that actually compares the options side by side.

You can download a .pdf version of the table below by clicking on it, which will probably be easier to read and better to print:

Just so you know, red “no’s” don’t mean “bad” – important to actually read the questions and make your decision based on what works for you and your circumstances. Everyone has different needs and wants!

(please remember, that as a table, not all detailed information can be included – there are exceptions to most rules and the info in here is no exception! Make sure you check information and just use this as a general guide – it’s not specific advice)

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