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Feb 01 2022

Plan Reviews 1 – When your NDIS Plan is ending…

HERE: Part 1 – When your NDIS plan is ending (available free to everyone)

Part 2 – When the plan is no good (for members only)

Part 3 – Going to the AAT (coming soon)

Part 4 – Getting ready for review Money Management Tips and Tricks

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Reviewing and changing a participant’s plan

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Section 37 of The Act

Sep 06 2021

Meal preparation and delivery in Lockdown

So, you’re in lockdown and you can’t cook your own meals. And you’re sick of tinned tuna and corn chips?

But you’d rather not have support workers in your home any more than is absolutely necessary, so you hopefully don’t get the cooties?

And you don’t want them to cook your meals at their house and drop them off because you really have no clue how hygienic their home or cooking is?

And you’re hungry?

If your plan is self managed and you have enough budget, please, order some meals to be delivered, and claim 70% of the cost from your NDIS plan to cover the preparation and delivery portion of the cost. The Price Guide DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU and you are allowed to claim this, as long as it meets the “Can I Buy It?” checklist.

And if you’re Plan Managed, call your plan manager and explain the situation, and if they won’t budge, call your local federal minister and let them know that your (ridiculous) plan restrictions mean you have to choose between no covid or no food.

If you’re Agency Managed, you’re up p**p creek without a paddle. Sorry. Maybe call the NDIS and ask them to switch some of your funding to Self Managed?

Pic desc: a very sad white plate with three corn chips each with a little bit of tinned tuna on them.

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