Can I buy this? Can I buy that?

Jul 07

Everyday, we see people post questions on Facebook like:

“Can I use my sons NDIS funds for self defence classes?” 
“Can I purchase an Apple Watch?”
“Is it OK to use my funds for thickeners?” 
“Can I pay for gym membership?
“Can I stay at an apartment in the city and use my ndis plan to pay?”
“Can I use a chiropractor and pay from my plan?” 
“Can I pay for my support worker’s airfare to help me while on holiday?”

IF YOU ARE ANSWERING WITH a YES or NO on an online post, you are almost always doing it wrong.

The answers to all of these questions will sometimes be YES and sometimes be NO, and unless you know that person’s life intimately, have read all the goals on their plan, know what’s in their budgets and/or are the Federal Court, then you have no business giving a definitive answer.

It’s great when people help questioners work through the likelihood of a YES or a NO, but PLEASE, stop immediately answering as if there is a “NO” list at the NDIA.

There is no “NO” list at the NDIS, nor in the legislation.

Just because a planner or LAC told you a “No” does not mean the answer for someone else is “No”.

Every disabled person is unique and has unique needs, dreams and goals and will need different supports and services, paid and unpaid, to reach them.

Again, there is no blanket *NO* list in the NDIS Act. And every week we see the AAT say “Yes” to things a planner has said “no” to, so your planner or LAC does not always have the right answer for you.

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