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Jan 02 2022

Covid Ready Kit for disabled people and families

Happy New Year (!) The shit has really hit the fan across the country. This is obviously quite terrifying for many, and especially the more medically vulnerable in our community.

What can you do to get ready for what is starting to feel like the inevitable?

The first, and most obvious, is to get vaccinated AND boosted, if you can. The stats are showing on the whole pretty clearly that the sickest folks are those who are not vaccinated AND boosted.

Get yourself TWO kits together to prepare, and consider including these things.

FIRST: “At home with covid kit” –

  1. Thermometer,
  2. Pain medications, electrolytes etc to manage dehydration due to throat pain and/or diarrhoea, and throat gargle.
  3. N95 masks, gloves, PPE,
  4. Fingertip Pulse Oximeter (make sure you research or get support on how to use these appropriately – poor readings are common, so make sure you know how to use them – this video is from the UK, so note that our emergency phone number is 000, not 999!),
  5. Print up this resource on managing Covid at home (from the RACGP) (this includes a symptom diary and managing your symptoms list) (I am still trying to source an Easy English version – please let me know if you have one!)
  6. A freezer full of food, plenty of pet food, continence/PEG supplies etc,
  7. Sanitiser (wipes, gel and spray),
  8. Air purifier (if you’re lucky enough to afford one),
  9. Rapid Antigen Tests (if you can get your hands on them).
  10. At home activities (streaming subscriptions, music, crafts, jigsaws)
  11. Child and pet care plans and contacts
  12. Emergency phone lists for people who might be able to help you out
  13. List of which of your support workers are willing to work if you are covid positive
  14. Emergency contacts for your disability support providers
  15. Bin with a lid for used PPE

SECOND: “Gotta go to hospital kit”

  1. Hospital admission plan – including a one pager of key info about you/person you love
  2. Hospital go-kit – key medication list and medications, essential equipment, comfort stuff, list of behavioural triggers/supports, key support plans (eating/continence etc)

The Queensland government have put together a useful COVID Care plan for carers of disabled people and/or children at

There are also a bunch of FREE disability and Covid19 related useful resources at

Nov 19 2020

Letter to our South Australian clients and families

To our Growing Space Clients,

You have no doubt heard the news yesterday, that here in South Australia we are now in a six day “hard” lockdown.

What South Australians can’t do

You will not be allowed outside of your home, except for essential trips – the supermarket or immediate medical appointments and supplies for example. You are not allowed to go for a walk or do exercise outside of your home and yard.

Shopping centres will be shut except for supermarkets/pharmacies, and take-away food places will also be closed.

What South Australians with Disability can do

Children of essential workers and vulnerable children (which includes disabled children unable to be cared for at home) are the only children allowed at school over the next week.

Disabled people with significant behavioural support needs which cannot be met within their home/yard and need to be able to go out to walk for example, can apply for a health exemption at – your Support Coordinator can help you make this application.

Support workers that are needed for essential services for you are still allowed at your home and they are allowed to travel to you. This includes where someone needs to go out to regulate severe behavioural support needs.

How The Growing Space can help

If you are reliant on take-away food, or do not have enough essential food or medical/consumable supplies or any other urgent need please contact your Support Coordinator as soon as you can and we will work to arrange the supports you need.

Please contact your Support Coordinator for any support you need and we will do what we can to help.

We can also help with explaining special NDIS changes due to lockdown. You can find more information at

An Easy English explanation

I have attached an Easy English document at which explains the changes and how we can help. This might be useful for you, or someone you love.

Free video e-Learning

The Growing Space Learning team have TODAY released our Thriving Through COVID-19 online learning course – given the new lockdown in SA, we have decided to offer this course for FREE, so do please sign yourself up and watch whenever it suits you!

We’ve got your back

Myself and our Growing Space Team wish you all the best for the next week, and please know that we are here, we’ve got your back.

We’re all still working and available and can help answer your questions and get you the supports you need – if we don’t know the answer to a question, we will find out and get back to you, as quickly as we can.

Take care,

The Growing Space