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ND8 - Plan Management Table Oct 2017 TGS

NDIS Self, Plan and Agency Management compared, side by side

Check out the .pdf at the link below to see answer some of your questions about the different ways to manage the money stuff on your NDIS plan. (please remember, that as a table, not all information can be included – there are exceptions to most rules and the info in here is no […] Read More

The NDIS and Guardianship Orders in SA

The NDIS and Guardianship Orders in SA There has been alot of information flying around about the need for Guardianship under the NDIS. There’s some really good info in the attached .pdf file from the SA Office of the Public Advocate, but in a nutshell, for MOST adults with disability with reduced decision making capacity, […] Read More

what ive learned

What I’ve learned about the NDIS in the last four years

What I’ve learned about the NDIS in the last four years. I’ve learned (somehwat) to: BE OPEN: A good provider for one person might be shit for another person, and vice versa. Take in what you hear about providers, but make your own judgements. It’s not wise to judge a while organisation on one or […] Read More


Sam Translates – a letter from NDIA CEO June 2017

PARTICIPANTS AND PROVIDERS WORK WITH NDIS TO IMPROVE PROCESSES SAM TRANSLATES: EVERYBODY IS MUCKING IN, TO CLEAN UP THE S#*T CEO BOWEN: The Board and Executive Management team of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) wish to provide information to the Scheme’s existing and potential participants, their families, carers and providers regarding major work that […] Read More


Disability Advocacy in SA

When things don’t go so well and you need some outside help Disability Advocacy in SA (for a  pretty .pdf version, click here:Disability NDIS Advocacy and Media April 2017) Government Funded (Free) Advocacy Organisations If you are looking for free Advocacy support, please contact one of these government funded agencies For NDIS Reviews and […] Read More

fix it

I Need to Change my NDIS Plan! Help!!

Reviews, Changes of Circumstance, Annual Reviews and Appeals Could it be any more confusing? Let me try and explain. (and here’s a downloadable .pdf of this page) New Plan or Annual Review doesn’t have what you need? Review of a Reviewable Decision -> Internal Review When the NDIA make a decision, such as your new […] Read More

The Growing Space Team Introductions Nov 2016

The Growing Space Team Sam Paior – Sam is solo Mum to teenage boys, one with intellectual disability. She wears many hats as a former Parliamentary Advisor, Public Speaker, Access Consultant, Advocate and Inclusion Supporter for a decade, as well as founding The Growing Space in 2007 and working with families as Support Coordinator through […] Read More


Choosing a Therapist for your Child

Download the .pdf here: how-to-choose-a-therapist-for-your-child Choosing a Therapist for your Child Ten things to think about, talk about and ask! What is your therapist’s experience and speciality? Ask your potential therapists how long ago they graduated, check that they are registered with the appropriate body (more info at and what they’re really good at. A […] Read More

NDIS tips July 2016

Equipment Ordering and NDIS in SA

The Growing Space August 2016 (and here’s a downloadable .pdf of this post)   Firstly, it really important to know that each State has their own system, so what I describe here is unique to South Australia. The SA Government has in-kind agreements with the NDIS, which means as people with disability are shifted over […] Read More


Inclusion in High School – Top Ten “What’s Reasonable?”

Inclusion in High School (download a .pdf version here) Top Ten “What’s Reasonable?” Here are The Growing Space’s Top Ten reasonable expectations/requests for parents to ask secondary schools for their included children with autism, learning or intellectual disability. A copy of their child’s timetable, including lesson times and room numbers, updated each term/semester. A list […] Read More