Independent Disability Support, Information and Advocacy for Families in South Australia

Specialist Disability Consultancy, Engagement and Accessibility Auditing & Consulting for Providers and Government


What are parents and people who work in disability saying about Sam’s work?

Sam has always been my go-to person when it comes to disability info. She’s so knowledgeable and passionate, yet easy to talk to. She strives children and adults with disabilities to be treated like every other individual in the world. As a support worker for a residential care organisation for people with disabilities, I witnessed Sam fighting for her friend with intellectual disability to receive a home for himself. He had spent a large amount of time in hospital because of lack of funding and difficulty finding an appropriate place to live. Sam, however, fought for him. She brought him to visit the house, talked to management and worked to find him a place. Now he is very happy within the home and Sam often visits. I cannot recommend Sam highly enough if you need advice, guidance or even just support going to a meeting when the disability sector is involved. She thinks quickly on her feet, has a large amount of knowledge and has friends everywhere (90% of the time it’s who you know)
Amanda Kuchel, Psychology and Disability and Community Studies Graduate, currently a support worker for people with disabilities.


What does the Growing Space do?

For Families: Information and support on:

  • pre-planning and co-ordination of supports for NDIS plans
  • education choices (pre-school, primary, secondary and tertiary) and child care options and supports
  • respite and community access
  • sports and recreation
  • “Disability 101″ – government and community entitlements and options, including low income and non-assets tested supports
  • planning for a good life
  • advocacy support around tough issues

Sam can help you target what’s best for your family and loved one with disability, and help with all those rotten forms to give you the best chance of getting what you need.

If you need help figuring out education options, choosing the best school for your child or building relationships with your child’s education and health teams, Sam can help, and even support you at IEP/NEP meetings.

Are you looking to pre-plan for the NDIS? Sam can help you work through your child’s goals with ideas and words that can achieve the best results and supports for your child(ren).

Sam individually tailors every session for each family. Families are given 100% control of their plan and all information is shared through our shared virtual filing cabinet.

For Disability Providers and School: Information sessions and staff training

Sam can lead workshops for groups of parents, or staff on a range of disability related issues, including the NDIS, School Choices, and Disability Secrets 101.

She is also available for public speaking engagements, with a heavy focus on NDIS, and on Inclusion, and often presents together with her teenage son who has Down syndrome who is passionate about inclusion in school and an engaging speaker.

About Sam

Sam has worked in the disability sector as advocate, parliamentary advisor, family educator, board member and consultant for fourteen years. Her experience crosses sensory, autism spectrum, physical as well as intellectual disabilities. She parents two children who between them have extra disability, education and health needs and is a strong believer in building inclusive communities for all.